Writing a Novel and ....

Writing a Novel and ....

Public Speaking Phrases - I - Part 3

Please find below another selection of Public Speaking Phrases beginning with the letter I. Be sure to use them wisely and I wish you every success.

Here we go again!

I have some sort of fear

I have sometimes asked myself

I have sometimes fancied

I have sometimes wondered whether

I have still two comments to make

I have taken pains to know

I have the confident hope

I have the greatest possible confidence

I have the honor to propose

I have then to investigate

I have thought it incumbent on me

I have thought it right on this day

I have thought it well to suggest

I have throughout highly appreciated

I have thus been led by my feelings

I have thus stated the reason

I have to confess with a feeling of melancholy

I have to force my imagination

I have touched very cursorily

I have tried to convey to you

I have undertaken to speak

I have very much less feeling of

I have watched with some attention

I have witnessed the extraordinary

I have yet a more cogent reason

I have yet to learn

I hazard nothing in saying

I hear it sometimes said

I hear you say to yourselves

I heartily feel the singular claims

I hesitate to take an instance

I hold it to be clearly expedient

I hold myself obliged to

I hold the maxim no less applicable

I hold this to be a truth

I hold to the principle

I hope by this time we are all convinced

I hope for our own sakes

I hope I have expressed myself explicitly

I hope I may be allowed to intimate

I hope I shall not be told

I hope it is no disparagement

I hope most sincerely and truly

I hope none who hear me

I hope not to occupy more than a few minutes

I hope that I shall not be so unfortunate

I hope the day may be far distant

I hope the time may come again

I hope to be excused if

I hope to be forgiven if

I hope we may forget

I hope you will not accuse me

I imagine that no one will be disposed

I insist upon it

I intend to propose

I know from experience how

I know full well

I know I am treading on thin ice

I know it has been questioned

I know it is said

I know it will be said

I know many reasons why

I know not how else to express

I know not in what direction to look

I know not of my own knowledge

I know not where else to find

I know perfectly well

I know that it is impossible for me to

I know that this is the feeling

I know that what I may say is true

I know there are some who think

I know there is a theory among us

I know too well

I know very well the difference between

I know well it is not for me

I know well the sentiments

I know you are all impatient to hear

I know you will do all in your power

I know you will interpret what I say

I labor under a degree of prejudice

I lately heard it affirmed

I lay it down as a principle

I leave history to judge

I leave it to you

I leave the arduous task

I leave to others to speak

I long to speak a word or two

I look hopefully to

I look in vain

I look with encouragement

I look with inexpressible dread

I look with mingled hope and terror

I make my appeal to

I make no extravagant claim

I make this abrupt acknowledgment

I marvel that

I may add, speaking for my own part

I may be allowed to make one remark

I may be permitted to add

I may confess to you

I may safely appeal

I may say to you calmly

I may seem to have been diffuse

I may take as an instance

I may venture upon a review

I mean by this

I mean, moreover

I mean something more than that

I mention it to you to justify

I mention these facts because

I mention this, not by way of complaint

I might bring you another such case

I might deny that

I might enter into such detail

I might go further

I might go on indefinitely

I might go on to illustrate

I might of course point first

I might reasonably question the justice

I might try to explain

I might venture to claim

I might well have desired

I might well think

I must ask an abrupt question

I must be careful about what I say

I must be contented with

I must be excused if I say

I must bow in reverence

I must call your attention for a moment

I must conclude abruptly

I must confess that I became rather alarmed

I must consider this as

I must crave your indulgence

I must express to you again

I must fairly tell you

I must find some fault with

I must for want of time omit

I must here admit

I must lament

I must leave any detailed development

I must mention with praise

I must not allow myself to indulge

I must not for an instant be supposed

I must not overlook

I must now beg to ask

I must pause a moment to

I must proceed

I must qualify the statement

I must remind my hearers of

I must reply to some observations

I must return to the subject

I must say that I am one of those

I must speak plainly

I must suppose, however

I must take occasion to say

I must thank you once more

I must try to describe to you

I myself have boundless faith

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Writing a Story Darling
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