Writing a Novel and ....

Writing a Novel and ....

More Public Speaking Phrases

The importance of words
Please find below more Public Speaking phrases: C - H

I hope you have as much fun as I do working these into your speeches, essays or stories etc!


Can it be supposed

Can the long records of humanity teach us

Can there be a better illustration

Can we pretend

Can you lightly contemplate

Can you yield yourselves

Cautious and practical thinkers ask

Certain it is

Certainly I am not blind to the faults

Certainly, one can conceive

Clearly enough

Coming back to the main subject

Coming down to modern times

Coming to present circumstances

Common sense indicates

Consequently, I am not discussing this matter

Consider, I beg you, what

Contemplating these marvelous changes


Delude not yourselves with the belief

Depend upon it

Did it ever occur to you

Difficult then as the question may be

Do I need to describe

Do me the honor of believing

Do not imagine

Do not let us conceal from ourselves

Do not suppose for a moment

Do not talk to me of

Do not think me guilty of

Do we not know

Do what you will

Do you ask how that can be

Do you believe this can be truthfully said

Do you not know I am speaking of

Do you remember a concrete instance

Do you think, then

Does any man say

Does it ever occur to you

Does it not seem something like idiocy to

Does it not shock you to think

Does not the event show

Does not the nature of every man revolt

Doubtless the end is sought


Every now and then you will find

Every one has asked himself

Every one therefore ought to look to

Every reader of history can recall


Far from it

Few indeed there are

Few subjects are more fruitful

Few things impress the imagination more

Finally, it is my most fervent prayer

First in my thoughts are

First of all I ask

For, be assured of this

For behold

For I must tell you

For if any one thinks that there is

For, in truth, if you please to recollect

For instance, I can fancy

For is it not true

For it is not right to

For let it be observed first

For mark you

For my own part, I believe

For myself, certainly I think

For observe what the real fact is

For one I deny

For, perhaps, after all

For, perhaps, some one may say

For so it generally happens

For the sake of my argument

For this is what I say

For this reason, indeed, it is

For we all know

Fortunately for us

Fortunately I am not obliged

From one point of view we are

From the circumstances already explained

From the standpoint of

From this statement you will perceive


Generally speaking

God be praised

Grant this true

Granting all this


Had I time for all that might be said

Had my limits allowed it

Happily for us

Hardly less marvelous

Hardly will anyone venture to say

Have I exaggerated

Have you ever noticed

Having taken a view of

Having thus described what appears to me

He is the best prophet who

He seems at times to confuse

He was an eminent instance of

He who is insensible to

Hence arises a grave mischief

Hence, as I have said

Hence it follows

Here again the testimony corroborates

Here arises the eternal question

Here comes the practical matter

Here for a moment I seem

Here, however, it may be objected

Here I am considering

Here I end my illustrations

Here I must pause for a moment

Here I only insist upon

Here I ought to stop

Here is another strange thing

Here is good hope for us

Here is no question

Here let me meet one other question

Here, then, I am brought to the consideration

Here then I take up the subject

Here then is the key

Here, then, it is natural at last

Here then, we are brought to the question

Here, then, we are involved

Here undoubtedly it is

Here we can not but pause to contemplate

Here we come into direct antagonism with

Here we come to the very crux of

Here we have it on high authority

History is replete with predictions

Hitherto I have spoken only of

Holding this view, I am concerned

How can we help believing

How do you account for

How does it happen

How human language staggers when

How infinitely difficult it is

How infinitely superior must it appear

How is this to be explained

How many a time

How momentous, then

How much better, I say, if

How much more rational it would be

How shall I attempt to enumerate

How shall I describe to you

However, I am viewing the matter

However, I will not in any way admit

However, it is to me a very refreshing thing

The importance of words

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Writing a Story Darling
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