Writing a Novel and ....

Writing a Novel and ....

Public Speaking Phrases

The importance of words
Speaking in public may not be your cup of tea. In fact even the thought of standing up in front of a room full of people and spouting a few words of wisdom can be daunting at the very least. With a little help this fear can be greatly reduced.
Use some of the phrases below to fluff out your text or to build onto your facts and figures to get and then hold their attention.
Always remember, if you can hold someones attention you can influence their judgement!

Public Speaking Phrases - B

Be assured, then

Be confident, therefore

Be it so

Be not deceived

Be sure that in spite of

Be these things as they may

Be your interests what they may be

Bear with me for a few moments

Bearing on this point

Before attempting to answer this question

Before going further

Before I close I will particularly remark

Before I come to the special matter

Before I proceed to compare

Being fully of the opinion

Being persuaded then

Believing, as I do

Beyond all question we

Bidden by your invitation to a discussion

Broadly speaking

But, above all things, let us

But after all, I think no one can say

But again, when we carefully consider

But am I wrong in saying

But apart from the fact

But besides these special facts

But can this question

But depend upon it

But despite all this

But do not let us depend

But do you imagine

But doubts here arise

But even admitting these possibilities

But everyone who deserves

But first of all, remark, I beg you

But, further, I shall now demonstrate

But, gentlemen, I must be done

But grave problems confront us

But here I am discussing

But here let me say

But how can we pass over

But how shall I describe my emotions

But however that may be

But I am bound to say

But I am certain from my own experience

But I am very sorry to say

But I am willing enough to admit

But I can at least say

But I can not conceive

But I can promise

But I cherish the hope

But I confess that I should be glad

But I digress

But I do not propose all these things

But I do say this

But I have been insisting simply

But I have heard it argued

But I have no fear of the future

But I leave this train of thought

But I may be permitted to speak

But I may say in conclusion

But I need hardly assert

But I pass that over

But I propose to speak to you

But I repeat

But I resist the temptation

But I return to the question

But I shall go still further

But I simply ask

But I submit the whole subject

But I trust that you will all admit

But I venture to assure you

But I will allude

But I will not further impress any idea

But I would earnestly impress upon you

But if I may even flatter myself

But if I seek for illustrations

But if you want more evidence

But if you wish to know

But in making this assertion

But in my opinion there is no need

But in the course of time

But is it quite possible to hold

But is this any reason why

But it does not follow from this

But it happens very fortunately

But it has been suggested to me

But it is a fact

But it is impossible for one

But it is necessary to explain

But it is no use protesting

But it is not fair to assert

But it is not my intention

But it is not necessary to suppose

But it is not possible to believe

But it is not really so

But it is otherwise with

But it is sometimes said

But it may be doubted whether

But it may happen that I forgot

But it will be a misfortune

But it will naturally be asked

But it will perhaps be argued

But it would be vain to attempt

But let me ask you to glance

But let me before closing refer

But let none of you think

But let us also keep ever in mind

But let us look a little further

But lo! all of a sudden

But mark this

But more than all things else

But my allotted time is running away

But my answer to this objection

But, my friends, pause for a moment

But never was a grosser wrong

But not for one moment

But notwithstanding all this

But now look at the effect

But now take notice of

But on the other hand

But on what ground are we

But passing these by

But perhaps I ought to speak distinctly

But perhaps you are not yet weary

But putting these questions aside

But quite contrary to this, you will find

But recollect, I pray you, how

But, sir, it is manifest

But some other things are to be noted

But some will ask me

But sooner or later

But still, I repeat

But suppose the fact

But surely, you can not say

But that I may not divert you from

But that is not all

But that must be always the impression

But the fact is

But the final value

But the greatest proof of all

But the most formidable problem

But the necessity of the case

But the question may arise

But, then, let us ask ourselves

But there is another duty imposed

But there is much more than this

But this I do not hesitate to say

But this I fearlessly affirm

But this I know

But this is a circuitous argument

But this is no place for controversy

But this is not all

But this is what I mean

But this much I affirm as true

But this warns me

But this we may put aside

But to go still further

But to say the truth

But we are met with the assertion

But we are to recollect

But we ask, perhaps

But we may depend upon it

But we think it is not wise

But we want something more for explanation

But what a blunder would be yours

But what is the fact

But what we must needs guard against

But when it is declared

But when we look a little deeper

But while it may be admitted

But who has not seen

But why do I numerate these details

But with these exceptions

But yet nothing can be more splendid

But you should know

By no means

By the way, I have not mentioned

By this time it will be suspected

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The importance of words

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Writing a Story Darling
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