Writing a Novel and ....

Writing a Novel and ....

Public Speaking Phrases - I - Part 1

When speaking in public the most commonly used word is "I" and because of that fact the list of phrases is almost endless. Due to obvious logistical reasons Public Speaking Phrases beginning with the letter 'I' will be split into several posts, starting with the selection below.


I abide by my statement

I add a few suggestions

I adduce these facts [adduce = cite as an example]

I admire the main drift of

I admit, of course, at once

I admit the extreme complexity

I again ask

I allude to

I always delight to think

I always will assert the right to

I am a great admirer

I am a little at a loss to know

I am about to supplement

I am agitated by conflicting emotions

I am alarmed, indeed, when I see

I am also bound to say

I am also satisfied

I am apprehensive

I am asked to-night to propose

I am assured and fully believe

I am at a loss for adequate terms

I am bold to say

I am but saying

I am by no means certain

I am certain that you will give me credit

I am certainly in earnest sympathy

I am confronted by the hope

I am conscious of the fact

I am convinced by what I have seen

I am deeply imbued with the conviction

I am deeply insensible of the compliment

I am determined

I am even bold enough to hazard

I am exceeding my necessary limits

I am exceedingly glad of this opportunity

I am extremely obliged to you

I am familiar with

I am far from asserting

I am filled with admiration

I am firmly convinced

I am free to admit

I am fully convinced

I am giving voice to what you all feel

I am glad of this public opportunity

I am glad to answer to the toast

I am glad to express the belief

I am glad to notice

I am going to spare you and myself

I am grateful to you for this honor

I am greatly alarmed

I am greatly indebted to you

I am happy to be with you

I am here by the favor of your invitation

I am here the advocate of

I am here to introduce

I am in favor of

I am in sympathy with

I am inclined sometimes to believe

I am inclined to suspect

I am indebted for the honor

I am, indeed, most solicitous

I am informed

I am led on by these reflections

I am led to believe

I am mainly concerned

I am most deeply sensible of the welcome

I am most grateful for the opportunity

I am myself greatly indebted

I am nevertheless too sensible

I am not a stranger to

I am not at liberty to discuss

I am not at present concerned

I am not about to defend

I am not advocating

I am not altogether clear

I am not aware of a single instance

I am not blind to the faults of

I am not bold enough to

I am not catching at sharp arguments

I am not concerned to argue

I am not defending myself

I am not dreaming of denying

I am not going into vexed questions

I am not going to reproach

I am not here to defend

I am not insensible

I am not of those who pretend

I am not prepared to dispute the word

I am not presumptuous to assert

I am not proposing to set forth

I am not ripe to pass sentence

I am not so unreasonable as to tell you

I am not surprised

I am not taking into account

I am not unaware

I am not undertaking to deliver

I am now going to attempt

I am obliged to add

I am obliged to go still further

I am often reminded

I am old enough to remember

I am one of those who believe

I am only too sensible of the fact

I am perfectly willing to admit

I am persuaded

I am prepared to back that opinion by

I am privileged to speak to

I am quite conscious that

I am rather disposed to think

I am ready to do battle

I am reassured by the presence here

I am reluctantly but forcibly reminded

I am resolved not to permit

I am sensible, sir

I am simply endeavoring to show

I am so surrounded on every hand

I am sometimes inclined to think

I am somewhat relieved to know

I am sorry to say

I am suggesting the reason why

I am sure, at any rate

I am sure every impartial man will agree

I am sure I feel no hostility

I am sure that I echo the sentiment

I am sure this generous audience will pardon me

I am sure you all hope

I am sure you feel the truth

I am sure you will acquit me

I am sure you will be kind enough

I am sure you will do me the justice

I am sure you will not be surprised

I am surely not here to assert

I am tempted further to offer to you

I am thankful for the privilege

I am thoroughly convinced

I am to speak to you this evening

I am to urge the interest of

I am told occasionally

I am told on authority

I am too well aware of the difficulties

I am totally at a loss to conceive

Public SpeakingI am trespassing too long on your time

I am unable to understand

I am unconscious of intentional error

I am under a very great obligation

I am under the deepest feeling of gratitude

I am under the impression

I am unwillingly bound to add

I am uttering no paradox when I say

I am very far from thinking.

I am very glad to have the honor

I am very happy to be here

I am very much in the condition of

I am very sure that if you ponder

I am very sure you will believe

I am well aware

I am willing to know

I anticipate with pleasing expectation

I appeal in the first place

I appeal to any man to say

I appeal to the better judgment

I appreciate the significance

I argue this cause

I ask again

I ask no greater blessing

I ask permission to speak to you

I ask the attention

I ask the audience

I ask the audience to return with me

I ask this of you

I ask you calmly and dispassionately

I ask you gentlemen, do you think

I ask you if it is possible

I ask you, if you please, to rise and give the toast

I ask you in all candor

I ask you now to follow me

I ask you to consider

I ask you to join me in drinking a toast

I ask you to pledge with me

I ask your attention

I ask your indulgence

I assert, sir, that it is

I assure myself

I assure you, of my own personal knowledge

I attribute it to

I avail myself of the opportunity

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Writing a Story Darling
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