Writing a Novel and ....

Writing a Novel and ....

Public Speaking Phrases

With Christmas almost upon us our thoughts are centered around those we love. Families unite, friends get together and often it falls upon someone to say a few words.

A toast or maybe just a few humourus anecdotes always go down well, even better with a little bit of planning!

If you are likely to find yourself in this situation over the coming festivities please find below a small sample of useable phrases.

The importance of words



A fact of vast moment

A few words will suffice to answer

A further objection is

A great many people have said

A little indulgence may be due to those

A majority of us believe

A man in my situation has

A more plausible objection is found

A proof of this is

A servile mind can never know

A short time since

A specific answer can be given

A thought occurred to me

Able men have reasoned out

Above all things, let us not forget

Absolutely true it is

Abundant reason is there

Accordingly by reason of this circumstance

Add this instance to

After a careful study of all the evidence

After full deliberation

After reminding the hearer

After this it remains only to say

Again, can we doubt

Again, I ask the gentleman

Again, in this view

Again, it is quite clear that

Again, it is urged

Again, let us compare

Again, very numerous are the cases

Again, we have abundant instances

Against all this concurring testimony

All confess this to be true

All I ask is

All of us know

All that I will say now

All the facts which support this

All the signs of the time indicate

All these things you know

All this being considered

All this is historical fact

All this is very well

All this suggests

All this we take for granted

Allow me for a moment to turn to

Allow me to tell a story

Altho I say it to myself

Amazing as it may seem

Am I mistaken in this

Among many examples

Among the distinguished guests who honor

Among the problems that confront us

An answer to this is now ready

An argument has often been put forward

An example or two will illustrate

An indescribably touching incident

An opinion has now become established

And again, it is said

And again, it is to be presumed

And coming nearer to our own day

And did a man try to persuade me

And do you really think

And everybody here knows

And for myself, as I said

And further, all that I have said

And hence the well-known doctrine

And here again, when I speak

And here allow me to call your attention

And here I am led to observe

And here I come to the closing evidence

And here I have an opportunity

And here I reproach

And here I wish you to observe

And here let me define my position

And here let me give my explanation

Writing a Story Darling

Writing a Story Darling
No I won't be all night again!
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